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—eren should have seen this coming….

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in the hallway today there was a hispanic girl making white people jokes and these two white guys actually fucking said “that’s racist. what if we were saying stuff like that about mexican people?”

and she just gave them this dry look and said “i’m puerto rican.”

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Elsa wearing her hair like her mother's during her coronation.

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so i’m confused are these supposed to be two different characters?

"wearing her hair like her mother’s" so that’s the excuse they’re using for mrs elsa’s mom to literally just be a recolor hm

It’s the exact same face, they just added tiny bags under the mother’s eyes. Again it’s like Disney went Deviantart on us and just slapped a “Original character DO NOT STEAL!!!” on all three female characters. 

god forbid parents and children have resemblance. guess I’m just a recolor of my dad then.

Okay we’re gonna sit the fuck down and talk about how “Elsa and her mother are exactly the same bluh bluh bluh” 

1- Chin. Elsa’s chin is more rounded, and tighter to her face than her mother’s, whose is slightly elongated.

2- cheeks. Elsa’s cheeks are slightly more plump, as would be expected of someone young, and have significantly more color to them, as well as being paired with cheekbones higher than her mother. Also Elsa has huge fucking dimples.

3- eyes. Elsa’s mother’s eyes do have bags under them, yes, but she also has thicker lashes along the bottom, which also gives the effect of exhaustion or ageing. Elsa also has more petite eyebrows where her mother’s are fuller and more defined.

4- nose. Elsa has a smaller, more button-ish nose, where the queen’s is clearly more elongated. Elsa’s nose is slightly turned up, where the queen’s is not. The bridge of Elsa’s nose is pretty flat, where the bridge of the queen’s is somewhat clearly defined.

5- mouth. The queen’s mouth is slimmer, and becomes a smaller line when showing expression, where Elsa’s mouth is more petite and her lips a tad fuller, which, again can be expected, because she is significantly younger.

TL;DR: They’re not the same. They share a very striking resemblance because they are mother and daughter, which, you know, happens because of genetics, but they are by no means identical.

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199 yuan ($32.82 USD)

Sizes: XS - XXL

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Elsa + ice dress

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Common Swift (Apus Apus) I have found dehydrated few days ago. Gave it water, fed her with worms, and it slept in my lap whole night while I was stroking her gently. Became friends in short time. Gave it to the nature protection organization so they can do more than me and help her fly away. Already miss the little fella. And yes, my sensor is dirty as hell.

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life of an artist

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She never hugged them goodbye. =(

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Princess Morbucks serving some truth tea. 

how come she has fingers but none of the main characters of the show do?

She could afford to buy fingers

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when magnussen says “but look how you care about john watson” and then john turns around to face him and sherlock fucking lowers his gaze to avoid meeting john’s eyes

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Game of Thrones cast photos out of character.

I love these photos so much

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Astronauts and cosmonauts—while getting to play with multibillion-dollar toys in space—also have an incredibly unique chance to view the Earth from a completely different perspective than many of us.

This perspective creates a newfound appreciation for our pale blue dot, as philosopher David Loy describes:

“To have that experience of awe is to, at least for the moment, let go of yourself, to transcend the sense of separation. So it’s not just that they were experiencing something other than them, but that they were, at some very deep level, integrating and realizing their interconnectedness with that beautiful blue-green ball.”

To the observer, borders seem to disappear as countries flow seamlessly into one another. Like a singular organism, Earth becomes something more than a map of divisions based upon ideology and geography.  Those who share this vantage point see Earth as one ecosystem, with all parts artfully woven together to create a perfect home for millions of plant and animal species. Conflicts between nations become less apparent, and the need for a united planetary society to protect our beautiful home becomes increasingly obvious and imperative.

This realization of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth and the need to protect it, dubbed the Overview Effect, has been reported among astronauts from the Apollo program all the way through to the current International Space Station astronauts.

Astronauts are counted among the few who get to observe the Earth from the outside with the naked eye. For those of us on the surface, NASA continues to release stunning images and video from their Earth-orbiting spacecraft. Let’s keep their funding coming, so that all of humanity has the chance to learn about the importance of our beautiful home in space!

Watch the short documentary “Overview” by The Planetary Collective, featuring commentary from experts and former Astronauts!

Visit Planetary Collective’s website:
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